Alan Kay kay at lyon151.inserm.fr
Thu Jan 18 04:05:39 EST 1996

> Re: NeoR alternative vectors?
 john brennand wrote:
> Question....
> Isnt Zeomycin essentially the same as neomycin ?
> i.e. if your cells are G418 resistant aren't they already Zeomycin
> resistant ?

I have just seen your post. Although their names are similar, zeomycin
 and neomycin are quite different things. Neomycin is an amino-
glycoside protein synthesis inhibitor, and is inactivated by the
neo resistance gene found on transposon Tn5. Although I think that
its' full structure is not known, zeomycin is probably a member of the
bleomycin family, which intercalates into and degrades DNA. It is 
certainly inactivated by the bleomycin resistance gene, which is also
found on Tn5, but the two genes are very distinct. I would therefore be 
very surprised if neo resistent cells were olso zeo resistant.

Alan Kay

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