the most outrageous ripoff

Judy Leatherman judyl at
Thu Jan 18 10:07:02 EST 1996

I just have to warn everyone I can....

Recently I received two free sample kits from Gentra Systems, one RNA 
isolation kit and one genomic DNA isolation kit.  They both have three 
solutions, the last ones being the "RNA Hydration Solution" and "DNA 
Hydration Solution" respectively.  The solutions are all sold separately, 
and are listed:

RNA Hydration Solution	175 ml 	$269.00
DNA Hydration Solution	500 ml	$158.00

Of course it matters what your RNA/DNA is in, so I called up tech service 
to inquire what might be in these wonderful solutions.  Here's what they 
told me:  the RNA Hydration Solution is DEPC TREATED WATER!!  and the DNA 
Hydration Solution is 10mM Tris, 1mM EDTA (TE buffer)!

For interest's sake, how much does it actually cost to make DEPC water?  
One 5ml bottle of DEPC from Sigma is $16; that makes 10 liters.  That's 
$0.28 per 175ml.  Say the bottle costs $0.50, tops.  They are making for 
$0.78 what they are charging you $269.00 for!  I understand that they're 
also charging for the development of the product, but really, this is 
beyond outrageous!

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