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>: Re the syber green comments last month concerning its cost, shelf life 
>: compared to EtBR etc etc.  I put the concentrated stock in about 5 mls 
>: of loading buffer which I keep at -20'C in the dark (ie the conditions 
>: recommended for the stock). That loading buffer/sybergreen batch has 
>: lasted for months now, with no loss in activity (Unlike the 
>: sybergreen/running buffer staing solution as recommended by the 
>: manufacturers, which lasts about two weeks max). 
>: Try it and see
>What is the recipe for your loading buffer and the final conc. of SGI?

I have tried SYBR I Green in loading buffer (standard 6X TBE loading 
buffer with 1:10,000 SYBR I Green) as recommended by a newgroup poster 
about 6 months ago and found the migration to be significantly affected 
by the SGI, such that the bands that were supposed to line up, no longer 
did (including my ladder DNA).  Same thing happened when adding the SGI 
to the agarose itself rather than the loading buffer. Though it did work 
as a post run stain, it is just too expensive to use that way and really 
gave us no better results than the EtBr (as a post run stain).

I love the sensitivity of SGI and the very low background, but I could 
not tollerate the way it affected migration.  We no longer use it for 

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