DNA purification from yeast

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>I would appreciate any pointers to an extraction/purification  procedure
>that would give DNA from yeast of sufficient quality and quantity to make a
>genomic library.  The procdure will be used by an undergraduate laboratory
>class, so simplicity is a virtue.  CsCl is possible if necessary.

>What is the standard method?  I am following a procedure that involves
>spheroplasting, and lysing the cells and precipitating the DNA with
>isopropanol.  It seems to work, but there is a lot of insoluble stuff.

>Thanks, Bob      

Check out Methods in Enzymology, vol 194, Guide to yeast genetics and
molecular biology.  The DNA isolation protocol in Ch 11 is the best
I've been able to find.  There is also a chapter discussing the theory
of making libraries by Mark Rose, who created the ATCC libraries.  

The volume is also available as a reprint from Academic Press.  

Good luck

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