Longe PCR problems.

Petur Henry Petersen php at rhi.hi.is
Thu Jan 18 16:42:57 EST 1996

>Here is a riddle for thoses PCR experts out there:
>Where is the contamination comming from (not primers, dNTPs, water,
>buffer, enzyme, tubes, pipettes)?
>Why do I get no product on genomic DNA but get a product from plasmid DNA?

	I dont know if i will ever call me an pcr-expert but...
I dont think you are giving us enough information. What are you doing
and with what? What is this "plasmid lane" you are talking about? What
is the gene, do you know what the contamination is etc. Maybe a real
expert understands but I dont :)

>Please e-mail your response as this group is very large: lr035778 at bcm.tmc.edu

	I kinda like to think of this as a discussion. Hope that is 

Petur Henry Petsen
Marine Research Institute of Iceland
Population Genetics Group
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