Stubborn DNA during resuspension

M.T. Dettori mc1579 at
Thu Jan 18 08:04:25 EST 1996

Richard Daines <rdaines at> wrote:

>I do use Qiagen columns along with a proteinase K treatment.  The 
>problem does appear to be species related (at least in Streptomyces) and I 
>had similar experience with it the plant genomic preps.  One can usually 
>get enough DNA to work with however.

Did you try Quiagen columns with plant genomic preps, too? I cannot do
CsCl purification but I have problems with carbohydrates:  some
genomic preps (from almond leaves) are so thick that you cannot even
pipet them.
Do you think Quiagen colums would solve the problem?

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