Purifying with Talon?

Yasushi OKADA yokada at kinesin.kaibo1.m.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Thu Jan 18 01:06:23 EST 1996

I am now using TALON and Pharmacia's chelating Sepharose FF charged
with Ni.  The following is my experience.

- Capacity: not very different.
- Purify: better than Sepharose.
- Leakage of metal: worse than Sepharose.
- Activity: better than Sepharose.
  (Note: My protein is very sensitive to EDTA, high salt and pH
   change.  Protein can be eluted at lower imidazole conc from TALON
   than from Sepharose.  This may make the difference in the

I consider that the metal charged to TALON is the trick.  Does anyone
know what it is?

In article <DL9As4.AIw at world.std.com> oravaxcm at world.std.com (Charles A Miller) writes:

> I just recently came across the Talon resin by Clontech. I have a
> large (500ml) bottle of Qiagen's nickel resin.  Has anyone used the
> Talon (or any other resins)? What metal does it use? What advatanges
> have you realized (activity of the protein vs. non-activity?) Any
> feedback would be most welcome.

> Thanks,

> chuck miller

> oravaxcm at world.std.com
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