PCR from whole blood (PE/ABI GeneScan)

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Fri Jan 19 03:33:08 EST 1996

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>Subject: PCR from whole blood (PE/ABI GeneScan)
>Date: 16 Jan 1996 08:49:27 GMT
>Anyone doing PCR from whole blood?
>Goat blood?
>Any hints most appreciated.
>Many thanks.
>G. Dorado
>bb1dopeg at uco.es

I have been using GeneReleaser, a matrix that binds PCR inhibiting stuff 
present in blood, from BioVentures. You add it to 1 microliter blood, do a 
specified thermocycler procedure, and then add your amplification reagents 
and start PCR. Very easy and it works fine in my hands. However, if you 
are concerned about cross-contaminations you must realise UDG will become 
inactivated by this matrix too.

Good luck!

Arthur Osterop
Erasmus Univ. Rotterdam
osterop at tch.fgg.eur.nl

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