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>On Fri, 5 Jan 1996, Stephen R. Lasky wrote:
>> Actually, it was difficult because it is not historically correct, but I
>> am tired of this arguement.  Personally I think that the confusion is due
>> to a few instructors for whom the original definitions were not intuitive
>> enough, so they just said "oh, this is what they must mean" and passed on
>> this mis-information to a whole generation of molecular biology students
>> who didn't read the original texts themselves. 

I agree with Dr. Lasky. 'Somebody' decided they didn't like the historical
terms and introduced their own version, generating confusion, particularly
for some of the more-recently trained biologists. (I'm also tired of the

>> But, I am tired of arguing about it so if that's what people want to call
>> sense and antisense they won't get an arguement from me.  However, that
>> doesn't mean that I will use the incorrect terms until some authorized
>> group decides upon the new convention.

I prefer to use (what I believe are) the correct terms too. However, we do
need a convention in this case, as there are now two sets of terms in use
which are essentially opposites. This is absurd!

>Sad story, but I understand your weariness. Wrong cannot be made to be 
>right, but it can unfortunately be bullied into being accepted as the 
>norm. As the saying goes, "Truth is a lie commonly agreed upon". I 
>foolishly thought scientific endeavor to be immune from that.
>Should an "authorized group" such as it is referred to be formed, please 
>let me know. I'd like to contribute my penny's worth.

IUPAC! Any better ideas?


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