upper limit to Inverse PCR products?

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 >For those of you with more time/interest to brainstorm, here's what I 
>more details snipped>

Hi Henry,

I have a couple of ideas, but first the caveats.  I work with Salmonella, 
so my IPCR is a lot less complex, and DNA is easier to come by.  

1)  To address the intermolecular (good) vs. intramolecular (bad) problem, 
try ligating a 1:10 dilution of a restriction mix.  If you normally use 10 
ul (from the restriction digest) in your ligation, try 1 ul.  You may be 
tying up your DNA ends with other fragments instead of making the oh so 
wonderful circles.

2)  Could you try a 4 cutter?  Maybe something that is rare amongst 4 
cutters, but more common than the 6 cutters that aren't working.  You could
be really unlucky and be entering a region without a lot of decent sites, 
which can make your life miserable.  

These are things that I have used before, it may or may not be usefull for 

Good luck,

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