DNA fixation on Agarose gel

Mike Gruidl mgruidl at com1.med.usf.edu
Sat Jan 20 09:12:00 EST 1996

In article <pcomm.190.0010FBF9 at cismibm.univ-lyon1.fr>, 
pcomm at cismibm.univ-lyon1.fr says...
>I am looking for a method to fix DNA in agarose gel after 
>The classical methods (formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde....)  don t works in 
>agarose gel.  
>Please, help me !
>Pcomm at cismibm.univ-lyon1.fr
Try 7% TCA for 30 minutes.  I used to use this and then flatten the gel 
under paper towels and a weight.  For more detailed references I think 
there might be something in Maniatis cloning manual.

Mike Gruidl

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