request for pBS vector DNA sequence

Ferland Louis H. ferlandl at ERE.UMontreal.CA
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On Mon, 22 Jan 1996, Paul N Hengen wrote:

> Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 18:01:39 GMT
> From: Paul N Hengen <pnh at>
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> Subject: Re: request for pBS vector DNA sequence
> Francis Ouellette (francis at wrote:
> > I have been looking for the base sequence of the pBS (+/-) cloning
> > vector in GenBank and other databases for a long time, but never got a
> > hold of it. If somebody here had this particular piece of information
> > and could send it to me, I'd be most thankful.
> : yes, they are in Steve vectordb database, but they are also
> : in GenBank.  The trick is knowing that pBS is 'bluescribe'
> : (and not 'bluescript') ...
> I don't understand! The plasmid name is pBlueScript isn't it????
> Why can't GenBank make it easy to find this sequence?
> Is it so difficult to put this in the name or comments?
> Am I missing something of legal mumbo jumbo why GenBank won't include this?
> --> L08786 BlueScribe SK Minus cloning vector (pBlueScript). 

I don't know about the GENEBANK entry above but, unless I'm the one who 
missed something, pBS IS NOT pBlueScript, but pBlueScribe as Francis 
stated. pBlueScribe was an ancestor of BlueScript, with much of the same 
"phagemid" elements in it (perhaps exactly the same?), but fewer sites in 
the polylinker. I still use some of my "older" constructs made in pBS 
and, yes, it is always confusing between the two vectors with such 
similar names, but pBlueScript was never abreviated to pBS by Stratagene.

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