Yu Yanxing yuyx at GWH.BMI.AC.CN
Mon Jan 22 22:17:45 EST 1996

te:18 Janunery 1996
From:yuyx at gwh.bmi.ac.cn
Subject:reagents help
To:biosci at net.bio.net

Dear Sir

  I am a postdoctoral fellow.Now I need the scFv of CEA badly for my
 bispecific antibody research. I will appreaciate it very much if anyone
are kindly offer the plasmid of this scfv. Thank you for your help once

                                 Your sincerely: Yan-Xing Yu Ph.D
                                  Department of General Surgery
                                  General Hospital of PLA
                                  28 Tai-Ping Road
                                  Beijing 100853 China

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