why not 2x TAE instead of TBE?

W.Coco ifai at po.uni-stuttgart.de
Mon Jan 22 09:36:27 EST 1996

Dear bionetters,

1x TBE has 90 mM Tris-borate and 1 mM EDTA and is often used as a 0.5x
solution for agarose gels and 1x for PAGE. TBE is known to have a higher
buffering capacity than TAE (Tris-acetate at 40 mM, EDTA at 1 mM).
TAE is however preferable for several reasons including that it can be
made up as a more convenient 50x stock solution, it won't precipitate
from stock solutions as TBE does (although filtering freshly made
TBE helps and it heated to get the precipitate back into solution) and 
TBE interferes with some downstream procedures from prep. gels (e.g.

My question is does anyone just use TAE at a higher Tris-acetate 
concentration in, e.g., PAGE? If not, why not? Avoiding TBE would have
the additional benefit of having one less solution on my cluttered shelves.


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