P1 cloning: HELP

otello at sc2a.unige.ch otello at sc2a.unige.ch
Mon Jan 22 06:49:50 EST 1996

Dear netters,
I was wondering if any of you could point me to a source of
informations for cloning in the P1 system: I have to clone
some genomic DNA containing cos sites, and therefore the lambda
system would be useless. I would like to be able to screen the library
made in P1 possibly with a pBR-like probe or with something similar.
Any help concerning the P1 system would be greatly appreciated (strains
of coli, kits, average insert size, etc.).

Thanks a lot for your help: I would post a summary of the mails, so please
reply directly to me and not to the newsgroup.

Otello Stampacchia
University of Geneva


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