DNA stuck in agarose gel wells

CK Wen cwen at aux.btny.purdue.edu
Tue Jan 23 16:12:57 EST 1996

boehnin1 at jeflin.tju.edu (Darren Boehning) wrote:
>I have been experiencing problems with DNA being stuck in the wells.
>Although we do find that some of the sample comes out and is seen as a
>faint band but most of the remains in the well.The well is not
>contaminated with pieces of agarose. The wells are well formed too. I
>would appreciate any suggestions.
>Shaila Bokkala
>Thomas Jefferson University
>E-mail at Bokkala1 at jeflin.tju.edu
 Dear Shaila:
  Are you sure that stucked material is DNA? My experience tells me that
those might be polysaccharides or proteins. As long as those molecules
have a net charge close to zero, they won't move in the electrical 

best wishes,


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