Non-fat dry milk...really non-fat?

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> When milk is dried, the non-fat solids prabably constitute no more 
> than 5% of the original liquid weight. If 0.5% fat milk is dried, the 
> solids  it would be about 10% fat by weight. I think that this would 
> make the milk granuals very gooey. I suspect that the fat content of 
> non-reconstituted non-fat dry milk is much less that 5%, my guess is 
> no more than 1% fat. In fact, to make a stable storable dried milk 
> product, the fat must be removed nearly completely.

I have bought "dried WHOLE milk" powder that very much resembled the more
commonly available "nonfat dry milk" except that it was not perfectly
white in color (slightly yellow/brown).  It was many years ago and I don't
remember where I got it.  I agree that it seems improbable that whole
milk, or even 0.5% fat,  could be dried to a non-gooey powder.  I think it
is done though -- it just doesn't store as well.  

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