In Situ hyb. kit

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Wed Jan 24 13:30:02 EST 1996

This may help as a starting point - the following companies sell a PCR in 
situ kit (this information comes from the 1996 Cold Spring Harbor Lab 
Manual Source Book which will be available in March 1996, free of charge
to users/purchasers of Cold Spring Harbor Lab Press lab manuals) 

IN SITU PCR KITS                                                         
BIO 101 Inc. 800-424-6101                                                
Boehringer Mannheim Corp. 800-262-1640                                   
Lab-Line Instruments Inc. 800-522-5463                                   
Life Technologies Inc. (GIBCO BRL) 800-828-6686                          
Marsh Biomedical Products Inc. 800-445-2812                              
The Perkin-Elmer Corp.800-345-5224                                       
Stratagene 800-424-5444                                                  
Techne Inc. 800-225-9243 

Hope this helps

Joan Boyce
boyce at - the online Source Book                

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