FIDELITY DNA Sequencing System

Dean Danner Lab djdlab at
Tue Jan 23 13:06:32 EST 1996

In article 50F0 at, Francis Yap <fryap at> writes:
>I have been told that this new kit from ONCOR uses some novel enzyme to 
>sequence 'difficult' template. Has anyone out there tried this out and 
>gotten reasonable results? Would hate to fork out good money for a dud 
>Francis Yap

In our hands, we have gotten no better (or worse) results with the ONCOR 
Fidelity kit than with the Sequenase 2.0 kit from USB.. and it seems to be 
just as easy to use.

However, when we asked ONCOR to use our template and primers, they sent us
back the most beautiful sequence I've ever seen.  Perhaps you might fare 

Brett Burkholder

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