sequence analysis packages?

Claudia Sutton cas9 at
Wed Jan 24 09:20:16 EST 1996

Hello fellow M-R readers,
We are in the process of having our biennial discussion about computer
analysis packages (preferably mac-resident).  I would appreciate any
timely advice.  Have any of you found packages that you are _really_ happy
with?  Are there any packages that will do RNA folding and/or single PCR
primer picking (where you can specify one primer).  Are there any just
outstanding alignment programs that can manage to do good multiple
alignments without much hands-on input?  Is everyone doing all of this
sort of stuff on the web now?

Thanks in advance for all replies,
Claudia Sutton aka cas9 at
Genetics and Development
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

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