Sense-Antisense, genuine confusion

Harry J. Witchel Harry.Witchel at
Wed Jan 24 08:06:36 EST 1996

	I feel like I am writing one of those ridiculous letters to a porno 
magazine beginning with the words: I didn't ever think it could happen to me, 
but one day...

	I am trying to make an RNA transcript for injection into Xenopus 
oocytes.  I have the gene in bluescribe (Ks+) in a version in which the ATG 
codon (going 5' to 3') is near the Bam site and what is labelled as a T7 
initiator.  At the other end is a Hind3 site and a T3 initiator.

	I just want to make sure this is correct: the T7 will start 
transcribing on the DNA strand without the ATG, such that the final RNA 
product has the ATG, and this product will be what I want to inject.
	The thread that keeps going and going

Harry.Witchel at Bristol.Ac.Uk

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