request for pBS vector DNA sequence

Paul N Hengen pnh at
Thu Jan 25 11:38:32 EST 1996

Ferland Louis H. (ferlandl at ERE.UMontreal.CA) wrote:

| yes, they are in Steve vectordb database, but they are also
| in GenBank.  The trick is knowing that pBS is 'bluescribe'
| (and not 'bluescript') ...

> I don't understand! The plasmid name is pBlueScript isn't it????
> Why can't GenBank make it easy to find this sequence?
> Is it so difficult to put this in the name or comments?
> Am I missing something of legal mumbo jumbo why GenBank won't include this?

: I don't know about the GENEBANK entry above but, unless I'm the one who 
: missed something, pBS IS NOT pBlueScript, but pBlueScribe as Francis 
: stated. pBlueScribe was an ancestor of BlueScript, with much of the same 
: "phagemid" elements in it (perhaps exactly the same?), but fewer sites in 
: the polylinker. I still use some of my "older" constructs made in pBS 
: and, yes, it is always confusing between the two vectors with such 
: similar names, but pBlueScript was never abreviated to pBS by Stratagene.

I'm very sorry Francis. I was confused, but I'm much better now. The doctors
even tell me that I can leave the building for short walks if I feel up to it.

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