Inexpensive Balance

pagg 76130.2114 at CompuServe.COM
Thu Jan 25 08:26:58 EST 1996

some of the most accurate and low-priced balances are sold by ammo companies
these scales typically measure within .01 grams and can cost as little as (no
kidding) $30.  The best places for these scales are Dillon and Midway.  They
both have 800 numbers I haven't got in front of me but I can post them
later if there's interst.  Of course for $150 you can buy one of their very
accurate electronic scales.  These things are accurate.  As you might imagine
guys who load their own ammunition are real concerned about accuracy and con-
sistency.  The only drawback is some of the cheaper scales weigh in grains,
but I have no trouble converting to grams with the old calculator.  Also,
I notice the same manufacturers who make lab scales make these powder scales,
ie O-Haus etc.

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