DNA in agarose gels

Tim Barnett t.barnett at path.utas.edu.au
Thu Jan 25 21:33:40 EST 1996

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> I have been doing PCR for a short time and seperating the 
> products on 2.5 % Metaphore agarose. In a couple of samples we 
> have found a band of great interest to us. I recall reading about 
> a few products which will easily purify the DNA from gel bands. 
> Has anybody had experience with these products? Any 
> recommendations?

I use the following protocol for purifying DNA from agarose and it works well:

1.  Run DNA on LMP agarose, excise band and melt at 70C for 5-10min.
2.  Cool for 30s at RT and add an equal volume of TE buffered phenol.
3.  Spin for 5min in a microfuge, remove aqueous phase and repeat extraction.
4.  Extract with phenol/chloroform, EtOH precipitate.


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