Li-Cor vs ABI Sequencers

Robert G. Hamilton rhamilto at
Thu Jan 25 20:26:13 EST 1996

We use a LiCor 4000L, and find that it is very easy to use, and 
consistently gives us at least 800bp reads per run, with a run taking 
about 16 hours. The gels are very easy to make. The templates we have 
used have been PCR products and plasmids isolated useing Quigen and 
Wizard miniprep kits. The device is very reliable. The major limitation 
is turnaround time in ordering labeled primers. Our undergraduate 
students are able to use this machine, with the only problem being the 
difficulty in loading the gel. We have never had any sort of problem with 
our machine, however if we did, service is inexpensive. LiCor support is 
absolutely the best the I have ever experienced.

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