cell Death ELISA

Angela Hofstra Hofstra at aa.wl.com
Thu Jan 25 13:56:17 EST 1996

100540.706 at COMPUSERVE.COM (Felix Rockmann) wrote:
>Hi to everybody,
>I got this email adress from a German forum on compuserve, so I hope that I got
>ot right. I have a question:
>Does anybody has experience with the Cell Death Detection ELISA of Boehringer
>Manheim ? I am working on my "Doktors- degree" and I have to use this kit for
>apoptosis analysis, so I would like to get any comments, remarks tips and
>Thanks a lot in advance,
>Munich (Germany)
>P.S. How do I get in your newsgroup ? I am a freshman in the INTERNET, so I need
>a veryx easy way to get in contact ..... ;-)


We have used this kit with success on rat and mouse liver cytosols.  The 
results matched those obtained with in situ hybridization.  We 
essential followed the kit instructions.  One helpful reference is Leist, 
M. J.Immunol. 1994 153(4): 1778-88. 

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