RNA extraction from < 50 mg

Paquette Yves paquetty at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Fri Jan 26 12:20:17 EST 1996

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>Ed Castro <ecastro at physci.ucla.edu> wrote:
>>We will be doing RNA extractions from fetal rat hearts, we will 
>>probably be dealing in the range of 10-50mg.  Does anybody have a 
>>protocol that works well for this amounts of tissue?  Or can someone 
>>recommend a kit that is reasonably priced? (do not want to pay 
>>Invitrogen prices)
>>Thanks to those of you who have already answered....

>  A way is to scale down the amount of buffer used for general 
>RNA isolation.  I have succeeded in isolating RNA from plant
>cells(germinating fern gametophytes) in a range of 50 to 100mg 
>of gametophytes.


I once had to isolate RNA from the thymus of 15 day old mouse embryos.
I dont know how much they weigh, but they are quite small. I just
used the standard Chomzinsky and Sacchi method, but i scaled down all
the volumes so that everything could fit in a 500ul tube. It worked
fine, and i got enough RNA to get nice results in an RNase protection

Yves Paquette
Universite de Montreal.

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