PFGE trouble>Hi there, > My problem with my PFGE apparatus is I am getting streaks instead of bands. I believe that this is related to the fact that my buffer is giving slightly lower mA readings (18 instead of 21; 15 instead of 18) than usual. I have re-made the buffer exactly the same way that I always do when I get high quality results. I sent the power source in for repair, as I did 6 months ago when the same thing happened, and they found the the readings were slightly HIGH and re-calibrated the power supply. Since I got the power supply back, I have run a 24 hour gel with standards in 0.5 X TBE that came out OK. The normal gel that I am running, with 10 times less EDTA hence, 0.5 X TBe, has resulted in a continuous smear. >I also ran a PFGE gel on another machine, in another lab, with THE SAME buffer from the THE SAME bottle, and it came out well. Thank you, in advance, for your help.

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Fri Jan 26 08:14:42 EST 1996


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