phosphorylation state-specific antibodies

Andrew J. Czernik czernik at
Thu Jan 25 23:45:21 EST 1996

I am attempting to compile a comprehensive list of proteins 
for which phosphorylation state-specific antibodies have 
been produced and utilized.  I wish to include antibodies 
(phospho- and dephospho-specific) that exhibit a relatively 
high degree of specificty.  I do not plan to include 
antibodies which possess broad selectivity, such as those 
for phospho-tyrosine and for other phosphorylated amino 
acids, which detect a broad range of proteins.  

If you have made such an antibody to your favorite protein, 
or know of someone who has, would you please e-mail me this 
information ASAP, should you wish to be included in this 
list.  Please include protein id, residue # if known, 
kinase(s) specificity of site(s), Ab type, Ab utility 
(Western blots, immunoprecipitation, immunocytochemistry, 
immuno-EM, etc) and any other characteristics you consider 
notable, and any literature references which exist (or are 
in press).  If the use of an Ab has been cited many times, 
please give the reference describing its original 

When completed, I will foward a copy to all those who have 

Thanx for your help !!

Andy Czernik
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