Inexpensive Balance

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at
Fri Jan 26 15:26:15 EST 1996

>>-->  Does anyone know how I could measure out reagents in mg quantities 
>>-->without a modern and expensive analytical balance?  (How did they do it 
>>-->fifty years ago?)
>>The way they did it fifty (and hundred, and more!) years ago was
>>to use _analytical balances_. They were not "modern" by today's standards,
>>they were not electronic but they were not less accurate. In fact, I saw
>>many of them (perfectly usable) sitting in junk rooms in many places. All
>>because they are far less convenient to use. 

>I actually bought one in an auction a fortnight ago for a pittance.  When you 
>open the top and look at the works it seems inconceivable that anyone could
>throw one away!

Me, too (bought a balance). We opened it up and thought _exactly_ the same
thing! I'm about to order a set of weights (unless someone cares to donate to
the cause :) - I intend to use mine.

Susan Jane Hogarth

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