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>I have heard rumours of a mutant GFP which exhibits much greater
>fluorescence than the standard protein. I have failed to find any
>mention of it in any product catalogue, papers etc. Does it really exist
>and, if so, where can I get hold of it. What would be even more useful
>for my work would be to get hold of the gene in a reporter vector. Does
>anyone know of where I could get this, or is it all just a crazy dream?
>Please put me out my misery!
>Steve Perry

Clontech seem to be the people that sell the most variants of GFP
(wild type, fluorescence-shifted versions) and antibodies etc.
	The good news is that their latest flyer also advertises the
"humanised" version (so we no longer have to work with jellyfish
cells ;-) ) developed by Zhang et al.

I haven't visited their Web site for a while but there may be more
information there;

Just to make sure that we share the same dream...  The red-shifted
variants *do* apparently give greater fluorescence but are intended
for use at higher excitation wavelengths (eg. 490 nm) than the wild
type (< 400 nm) so it depends on your light source and how
discriminating your filters are as to the utility of these versions.
I believe that Clontech only sell the shifted version of the humanised

[No affiliation with Clontech except as a customer,
 No practical experience with GFP (yet)]

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