northerns - sharp bands - SOLUTION, THANKS!!

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Fri Jan 26 23:10:49 EST 1996

Dear Nobrega;

I remember that recently a goroup reported using 22 mM thiocyanate for running
RNA but I didn't see the chinese group's paper.
Would you send me the ferfernce (sorry that was reference; my text editor is
the worst one in the world) if possible?

In article <Pine.A32.3.91.960126122434.72004A-100000 at>, fgdnobre at (Francisco G da Nobrega ib - bio 7588) writes:
>Dear Tom:
>The suggestion to reduce the formaldehyde conc. from 2.2M to
>0.22M seems nice to me. But I would like to inquire if you saw
>a paper by a chinese group reporting that all you need to do is
>heat the RNA sample with formaldehyde and formamide the molecules stay
>denatured and their gel does not contain any formaldehyde.
>Any comments?
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