PCR on human tissues

lcwilliams at medusa.unm.edu lcwilliams at medusa.unm.edu
Thu Jan 25 11:26:32 EST 1996

A good resource of contamination information is found in "PCR - A 
Practical Approach" edited by M.J. McPherson, P.Quirke, G.R. Taylor.  
Briefly, they suggest that the PCR mixture, without the cDNA, can be 
exposed to short-wave (254 and 300 nm together or just 254nm) 
UV radiation to cross link any contamination.  However 
primers and Taq polmerase are adversely affected 
by long exposure to UV; therefore, they should excluded from the treatment.
	I am also doing PCR and contamination is rare with proper handling
and care.  Good Luck!

Laurie Williams
University of New Mexico Hospital

On 24 Jan 1996, Fiona Culley wrote:

> I am about to start some RT-PCR work using human cells.  I have been 
> warned that the risk of accidental contamination of my samples is very 
> high. Does anyone have any hints or references which describe the 
> necessary extra precautions involved in keeping my samples clean?
> Thanks for any help.
> Fiona Culley.

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