DNA in agarose gels

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Sat Jan 27 18:47:16 EST 1996

In response to reese at MSSCC.MED.UTAH.EDU, who wrote:

 >I have been doing PCR for a short time and seperating the products on 2.5 % 
 >Metaphore agarose. In a couple of samples we have found a band of great 
 >interest to us. I recall reading about a few products which will easily 
 >purify the DNA from gel bands. Has anybody had experience with these 
 >products? Any recommendations?
Rolf  Marteijn (rolf.marteijn at 94.student.wau.nl) wrote:

 >Well several ways to do so:

 >- Qiagen has a kit to do a gel-extraction for DNA from agarose-gels. - The 
 >Gene-Clean system
 >- Using the freeze-squeeze protocol (look eg. at Sambrook, Maniatis, 
 >Molecular Cloning, second edition) (home-made system, so quite cheap. You 
 >need epps, silicanized glasswool, some buffers, EtOH and liquid nitrogen) 

To avoid confusion, we would like to make a comment on Rolf Marteijn's 
response. Our gel extraction kit based on silica resin is called QIAEX. 
Please see the message from Rob Jordan in this thread for more 
information, or call QIAGEN Technical Service in the USA at 1-


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