Cell Culture Question

Simon Dawson Simon.Dawson at nott.ac.uk
Fri Jan 26 07:39:27 EST 1996

   A question about cell cuture techniques. Well, one technique in particular 
  I have some Swiss 3T3 cells and I would like to make them go quiescent (i.e. 
stationary phase). After all (or most anyway) of the cells appear to be 
quiescent I would like to reinduce growth again and monitor the production of 
certain proteins via Western blotting etc.
  What I want to ask is: Have any of you out there got any methods that you 
like for doing just this sort of thing?
  I dont think I need to make my cells arrest in any particular phase of the 
cell cycle, I just want to be able to make them stop growing and then 
re-initiate 'normal' growth.
  Thanks for any info. in advance.



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