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Dr Adrian Philbey nswema05 at
Sun Jan 28 19:38:12 EST 1996

I have done a small scale comparison among several different methods
of preparing paraffin-embedded histological sections for PCR,

1.  Genereleaser
2.  Chelex resin
3.  Dissolution of paraffin with xylene followed by proteinase K
    digestion and phenol/chloroform extraction
4.  Boiling with nonionic detergent buffer
5.  Sonication

My results suggested that Genereleaser does work, but it did not
yield positive PCR results as frequently as boiling with nonionic
detergent buffer and the bands were less intense.

Adrian W Philbey
Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute
Camden  NSW  2570

nswema05 at

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