what's an easy way to look for cell death?

martin LEACH leach at bu.edu
Mon Jan 29 10:58:24 EST 1996

Hi michael,

the trypan blue exclusion method will look for cell death (dead cells can't
spit out the blue dye) but will not discriminate for the apoptotic kind...

isolating the dna and looking for the apoptotic dna ladder may be a quick way
for apoptosis...

alternatively...ask them to send you the guide for the kit/references and then
build it yourself cheaply..


Michael Levin (mlevin at husc7.harvard.edu) wrote:

:     I am looking for a simple/cheap way to check for cell death (the
: apoptotic kind). I study early chick embryos and have the idea that
: there may be some selective cell death going on. I want to take a
: look, but since this is just a wild shot-in-the-dark hunch, I can't
: justify spending $300 on a kit.  Is there any kind of protocol for
: doing a quick and dirty stain or something? If it looks like there's
: something there, then my boss will buy a kit, or whatever else is
: necessary.  Specifically, I have a bunch of early chick embryos, which
: are basically just small (0.5cm diameter) circles, consisting of only
: two cell layers. These are in wholemount (not section), and are not
: fixed to a slide but rather float in a little PBS. Can someone please
: point me to a protocol? Please email me at mlevin at husc.harvard.edu.
: Thanks!

: Mike Levin

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