sequencing gels won't stick!!

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>Hi all!
>I just wanted to pick your brains about getting my sequencing gels to 
>stick to Whatman paper after running the gel.  I run 8% gels (I know 
>that's high, but it gives me great resolution), and on rare occasions 
>(although very frequently lately :( ), the gel refuses to stick to the 
>paper.  Any ideas why?  The only oddball thing I can think of is that 
>maybe it's weather related (lower humidity in the winter); I know that 
>sounds corny, but I'm stumped.  I guess the more important question is:  
>How do I get the gel to reliably stick to the paper EVERY time?  Any and 
>all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
>Thanks in advance

I don't know why the gels fail to stick to the Whatman paper, but I have
dealt with the same problem.  I used an old 25 ml pipet to smooth out the
paper after placing it ontop of the gel.  Just grab each end of the pipet
and move it over the back of the Whatman paper as if you're pressing out any
bubbles which are trapped between the paper and the gel.  You might also
take some time to clean up some of the mess you've made (thus giving the gel
a little more time to adhear to the paper) before pealing the gel off of the
glass.  Good Luck.
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