DNA stuck in agarose gel wells

Wayne Coco wayne.coco at po.uni-stuttgart.de
Mon Jan 29 10:58:49 EST 1996

It is much worse on overloading, maybe too with large volumes.
Somewhere Ficol was suggested as a replacement for glycerol in the 
loading buffer to address this.

In article <4e7pto$7lt at eldborg.rhi.hi.is>, php at rhi.hi.is (Petur Henry Petersen) says:
>In <boehnin1-2301961430170001 at joseph2.tjh.tju.edu> boehnin1 at jeflin.tju.edu (Darren Boehning) writes:
>>I have been experiencing problems with DNA being stuck in the wells.
>        Along the same lines. Has anyone got a advice concerning
>DNA being more concentrated in the edges of a DNA-lane in an agarose
>gel? Could this have anything to to ewith too much DNA.

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