sequencing gels won't stick!!

Paul N Hengen pnh at
Mon Jan 29 11:56:38 EST 1996

Kimberly Ann Winkeler (kwinkel at wrote:

: I just wanted to pick your brains about getting my sequencing gels to 
: stick to Whatman paper after running the gel.  I run 8% gels (I know 
: that's high, but it gives me great resolution), and on rare occasions 
: (although very frequently lately :( ), the gel refuses to stick to the 
: paper.  Any ideas why?

I had the same problem. After fixing (if you are fixing), lift the plate
out of the tray and tip the excess fluid off the gel BUT leave just a little
bit covering the entire gel. How much will be a matter of choice, but don't
completely drain it. Then place the filter paper on starting from the top
(wells) and press it down firmly to the bottom. The paper should get a little
wet and not look dry on the side facing you. Start peeling one corner from
the bottom side, and all in one stroke, peel the whole paper + gel off the
glass plate. Practice with a non-radioactive gel first till you get right.

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