Protein dimerisation in SDS-gel

Lauge Schaffer lsc at
Tue Jan 30 14:41:28 EST 1996

BOMINAAR at wrote:
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> >My question is: Has anyone seen protein dimerisation in a SDS-gel, or are there any
> >comments or publications about this phenomenon? If so, could you please refer me.
> The one example I know of and maybe this is not exactly what you mean is
> with NDP-kinase. The native protein is hexameric, but on SDS-Page you get
> monomers. but a very small fraction (0.01-0.1%) stays dimeric. In this case
> it can't be the Beta-mercapto, since the NDP-kinase I'm working on has no
> cysteines. So yes it sometimes happens, and no I have no clue why?

I think that dimers in the 0.01%-0.1% range can be explained by natural chemical crosslinking
mechanisms such as transamidation.

Lauge Schaffer

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