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>Subject:Agar replacement                           Date: 1/23/96
>Anyone know of any type of matrix that is easily depolymerized and that can
>be used instead of agar.  We are trying to isolate anchorage-independent
>cells from the human tumor cloning assay, which is an assay in which tumor
>cells are grown in soft agar.  We are having a difficult time trying to
>separate the cells from the agar, and I was wondering if there was a
>different kind of matrix that we could grow the cells in which, when we were
>ready to harvest the cells, could be depolymerized and removed from the
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>Brett Beitzel
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Hi brett,

I'm using the alginate-gel system to culture chondrocytes. In this gel the 
cells grow in a 3-dimensional way (which inhibits dedifferentiation). Cells are 
easily recovered by adding a chelator (EDTA or citrate) and centifugating.


Guo et al ; Connective Tissue Research, 1989, Vol.19, pp. 277-297

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