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Tue Jan 30 22:15:41 EST 1996

Dear netters,

I am gonna purify DNA from clinical samples, particularly biospy in 
parffin sections, for pcr detection of mycobacteria.

In an article about dna purification from clinical samples(J Clin 
Microbiol 1990, 28(3): 495-503),  Dr. R.Boom suggested using silica for 
urine or serum which contains less cells. While for cell rich 
sources,such as biospy materials, celites (diatom) is the choice, because 
the particle size is larger, and the dna-celite pellet would be 
physically less compact and be much easier to be resuspended for 
subsequent dna elution.

Can anyone advise me where to get celites (diatom) for purifying
DNA from clinical samples? By the way, what particle size range should
I go for. 

Coridal thanks.

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