How to transfer plasmids????

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Tue Jan 30 14:49:39 EST 1996

On 26 Jan 1996 ynakao at wrote:

> Hello, Netters,
> As I  move back to Japan soon, I am going to take some kinds of plasmid 
> containig cDNA with me in my bag.
> Is it OK to brinig them in RT without precipitating or drying? The travel 
> will take about 3 days. If possible, I will keep them in the freezer or 
> fredge during the stay in hotel and the fright.
> Would you tell me if this is OK or diffinetely NOT?

It should be OK. But the easiest, safest and most convinient method for 
carry plasmids is in a bacterial strain in a soft agar stab


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