DNA in agarose gels

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> I have been doing PCR for a short time and seperating the 
> products on 2.5 % Metaphore agarose. In a couple of samples we 
> have found a band of great interest to us. I recall reading about 
> a few products which will easily purify the DNA from gel bands. 
> Has anybody had experience with these products? Any 
> recommendations?
> Thank you, 
> Van Reese

Use beta-agarase from NEB, works great and recoveries are near 100% and
very clonable.  You can only use LMT agarose, so after you resolve your
bands on regular agarose, cut a hole in front of the band you're
interested in, fill it with LMT agarose, run the target band into the
LMT agarose zone and excise as usual.  Apply the beta-agarase as
suggested in the mfr. directions.  You'll be very pleased with the

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