sequencing gels won't stick!!

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Tue Jan 30 17:16:23 EST 1996

On 26 Jan 1996, Kimberly Ann Winkeler wrote:

> Hi all!
> I just wanted to pick your brains about getting my sequencing gels to 
> stick to Whatman paper after running the gel.  I run 8% gels (I know 
> ...
> How do I get the gel to reliably stick to the paper EVERY time?  Any and 
> all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

My (usually) fail-safe method is this:

After removing the gel and plate from the fix solution, pour off most of 
the liquid. Take one piece of 3MM paper (about the same size as the 
plate) and lightly dampen it with water (quickly run it under a slowly-
flowing faucet). Let any excess water drip off, and then place this wet 
piece of filter paper on top of your gel, removing any bubbles. (Here's 
the good part.) Now, take another piece of 3MM paper, the same size, and 
place it on top of the wet filter paper. Run your hands gently over the 
once-dry now-becoming-wet piece of filter paper to "wick up" the excess 
liquid. This causes the gel to adhere to the lower filter paper. (You may 
need to remove the upper piece of 3MM paper and use a second dry one if 
there is a lot of moisture. You could probably also do this with paper 
towels.) Remove the upper piece of 3MM, and then gently lift the corner 
of the lower piece; you should be able to see the gel sticking to it. 
Slowly pull the gel off the plate, and--voila! Perfect every time. (Except 
when it doesn't work.)

It's quick and easy--give it a try!

Good luck-

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