Subcloning large PCR products

Luc Ferrari ferrari at
Wed Jan 31 02:28:59 EST 1996

rosasg01 at wrote:


>For the last 3 months I have tryed to subclone a 8kb PCR product. So
>far, nothing has worked. Does somebody has done something like this???
>I'm sure somebody must have done it. If you have successfully
>subcloned large PCR products, please let me know how big it was and
>the protocol that you used for both PCR and subcloning. I'll really
>appreciate any suggestions.
>German Rosas-Acosta, graduate student
>NYU Med. Center
I am affraid I can not give you many help. But we have similar
problems, with 12kb fragments.
If you get some answers, could you please let me now ?
Thank you.
Luc Ferrari, PhD
Centre du Medicament - URA CNRS 597
Faculty of Pharmacy, Nancy University
F-54000 Nancy

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