Which kit for cleaning PCR products?

Charles A Miller oravaxcm at world.std.com
Tue Jan 30 23:13:01 EST 1996

	I am nearly out of my Promega Wizard PCR kit. I recently was
visited by people from Qiagen who were pushing their PCR cleanup kit
(I can't remember the names, but they had 2 or 3. One for PCR
reactions..one for gel extraction..). I was wondering if anyone could
tell me (especially if they have used both) which gave the best results
as far as recovery, use of PCR products in further steps such as 
restriction digestion and ligation, etc. I have heard a little about the
Wizard kit concerning the fact that they changed the resin a couple years
ago to avoid a lawsuit, and that the previous resin was better. I don't
want to continue that discussion, since it won't help me clean my 
PCR products now! The guy from Qiagen DID tell me that the problem
with the Wizard was that it uses a resin containing non-uniform, 
unpredictably sized particles that are simply passed over a size 
exclusion filter. He said that not all the particles are removed and this
can in fact hinder the use of the PCR products in further manipulations.
This makes me wonder, then, whether some ligation problems I have had 
are related to this.

Any comments are appreciated!

Chuck Miller

oravaxcm at world.std.com

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