Taq-Man anyone?

Pendragon lab_winoto at maillink.berkeley.edu
Tue Jan 30 17:20:00 EST 1996

Has anyone every heard of a PCR technique called something like
"Taq-man"?  The technique involves the utilization of an additional
oligo in the standard PCR reaction.  In brief, the additional oligo
hybridizes to a region between the forward and reverse oligos.  This
additional oligo is conjugated to a flourecence molecule on the 5' end
and a quenching molecule on the 3' end.  When these two molecules are
in proximity the flourecence  is quenched, however when the taq
polymerase encounters this oligo it chews it off releasing the fluor
and the quencher causing a change in fluorecence.  Presumably this
process is quantifyable as the fluorecence increases as a function of
polymerization by taq polymerase.  If this sounds vaguely familiar or
if any one has used it please send me any available info.


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