Use a genomic clone to find the cDNA

martin LEACH leach at
Wed Jan 31 11:30:22 EST 1996

It works better the other way around...using cDNA to detect the genomic

However, work from the huntingtons gene project brought about the devel9opment
of the exon trap throw genomic dna into the exon trap
vector...then see if upon transcription any exon sequence is retained in the
processed transcript....hence the term exon trap...

I believe Clontech sell an exon trap vector system that acheives the same
thing....allowing you to detect exonic sequence in genomic sequence...then use
the exonic sequence to probe a cDNA pool.

This is my understanding at least....correct me if I'm wrong please.


RZebrow134 (rzebrow134 at wrote:
: Does anyone have any experience using fragments of genomic sequences to
: identify corresponding full length cDNA clones?  Does it work? What are
: the pitfalls?  I am debating attempting this and would appreciate any help
: or suggestions.  Thanks.

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